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Amazing adventure of Constance and other beloved characters for Three Musketeers secrets story in the new game from Funlinker ! Visit secret meetings, spy for Cardinal`s people in the world of 17th century and take your breath away!

Key features:
- A fresh look at Alexandre Dumas best-selling classic
- Well thought out, engaging plot
- Truly hard brain teasers with hints
- Admire the epoch’s luxury and splendor in 3D
- Spellbinding soundtrack

You think that you know the whole story of the Three Musketeers? You read the books by Alexander Dumas more then one time and watched films made by his story? But what if we imagine that in the main story more exiting things are going on? What if we say that the young D'Artagnan owes his life to... Constance?

We present you a new exciting game «Three Musketeers Secrets: Constance», that’ll bring you to the world of France of XVII century, with its royal intrigues, treacherous cardinal, and, of course, the real romance. constance_2

What does the Spanish ambassador hide, writing a letter to queen asking to meet her? Who is betraying France and how to outwit those whose power and treachery are equally great? How to find time for love, for dating and romance among all these puzzles’ solution? Because even covered by kisses and tenderness, you can’t escape from the danger...

To get into the very center of mysterious dangers, you have to work hard in the art of disguise - the best way to stay totally unnoticed when you need it. Before you go in search constance_3for justice, you have to put on a particular suit – from the queen’s dress to cleaning maid’s uniform, or even Musketeer’s one! You can choose yourself skirts and corsets, blouses and pants, shoes and various accessories - choice of clothing is very wide. What girl can resist the whole royal wardrobe? Try on everything, but after each quest, your wardrobe will replenish! Any complete suit, picked up by you, you can save as a picture - let it remind you how varied your fantasy is. 

The previously unknown story of Constance will capture your heart for sure. If you like adventures, then you will be interested to experience exciting and dangerous situations, to plunge into the romantic world of «The Three Musketeers».

Other features of the game:

  • New details of the famous plot, beloved characters in the new details and situations.
  • Realistic 3D background, that conveys the atmosphere of luxury palaces of France of XVII century
  • Ability to move pieces of furniture - chairs, paintings, curtains, etc.
  • Animated characters and decoration of the game world.
  • Before each mission adventure, players will choose the camouflage of the heroine. There’s a great variety of elements of clothing and accessories. Their number increases with each completed quest. The player can try on everything and show off in it.

We are looking for a worldwide publisher for PC digital distribution and Retail versions. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in this IP.

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