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Games from Aerohills will be presented at Gamescom 2010 Cologne, Germany, 18-22 August, 2010.

ZenProducers team will present casual game titles from Aerohills game development studio at Gamescom 2010, Europe’s biggest show for computer and video games, that is held in Cologne, Germany, 18-22 August, 2010.

ZenProducers will be glad to meet with partners and present new computer games that have been appreciated by Press and professionals of the game industry:

Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills

Mystic story of the game is inspired by ancient celtic legends and submerges into the enchanting atmosphere of Old Ireland.

 GENRE OF GAME: casual adventure with elements of hidden object and a lot of minigames.


•    The game immerces into the mystical atmosphere of old celtic myths.
•    Amazing rendered 3D graphics with lots of special effects makes an aura of antiquity and legends
•    A lot of cinematics and animated characters stronger an immersion
•    Moving items on locations  in adventure and hidden object modes make gameplay more tricky

The Three Musketeers Secrets: Constance

GENRE OF GAME: casual adventure with elements of hidden object and a regular dressing game mode before new adventure mission,


  • New details of the famous plot, beloved characters in the new details and situations.
  • Realistic rendered 3D backgrounds, that conveys the atmosphere of luxury palaces of France of XVII century
  • Ability to move pieces of furniture - chairs, paintings, curtains, etc.
  • Animated characters and decoration of the game world.
  • Before each mission adventure, players will choose the camouflage of the heroine. There’s a great variety of elements of clothing and accessories. Their number increases with each completed quest. The player can try on everything and show off in it.

 Beauty Columnist: The Case of lost Charms

  • Thanks to a realistic 3D graphics and the possibility to move objects in the rooms, you'll find yourself right in the place of investigation.
  • A modern story about events in the world of gloss and luxury, outstanding characters - from the eastern beauties to cabaret dancers. 
  • Ability to create wonderful «Beauty potions» with your own hands in the Beauty Laboratory, and get a real health recipe, that is applicable in a real life. 

Companies info:

ZenProducers - company, which generate creative ideas, manage development process and ship game products to the market. ZenProducers working with casual download games, IPhone / IPad games, social games, on-line games.

AeroHills has gain experience in more than 50 projects with different partners. Our team has gain experience in the game industry since 2001.

AeroHills released a number of their own products (3D adventure games – «Mystery of Earl», «Office Life: IPO», «Alice: English in Wonderland», «Chukcha in the Big City», an educational game «Ancient History»).

The team also made an experience in various projects for the world’s largest game publishers – «The Witcher» (CD Project RED), «Gothic 4» (Spellbound/JooWood), «Venetica» (Deck13), «Art of Murder» (City Interactive), «Desciples 3» (Dat Games/Akella), «Dungeon Lords – Dream Catcher» (DC Interactive), «M&M`s: Lost formula» (Simon&Shuster Interactive N&Y), projects for ATARI, Heuristic Park, Noviy Disk, 1C, Buka, MediaHouse and many others.

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