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AeroHills game company announced the development of a new project "Journalist: story of the lost beauty"

The AeroHills company announced the development of a new project "Journalist: story of lost beauty". Adventure game with the hidden object and clicker cooking game gameplay modes will be released for PC and for Mac download, and will tell the players about the mysterious events in the world of celebrities and fashion. Realistic interactive 3D backgrounds, the ability to move objects on the locations, understandable, but not trivial logic of object use - this is what makes the game most enjoyable for fans of adventure, as well as for fans of the luxurious life style. The plot tells about the girls of high society, who have suddenly lost a piece of their beauty, and an attractive journalist, columnist of the beauty-tips in a popular fashion magazine. It's her, who travels around the world together with the player and begins to investigate the cases - so unexplained, at first glance. As well as its her to save the charm and appeal of the affected girls, preparing a special cosmetics after each level in a so-called Beauty Laboratory (clicker cooking game mode). The game "Journalist: story of lost beauty" will be an excellent gift for the lovers of adventures - both girls and boys.


According to the AeroHills producer Aleksey Goncharov, the quality of the new game is a consequence of many years experience. "AeroHills specialized in the development of adventure games for many years, - says Aleksey Goncharov. - Previously, we made mostly the narrative games published on CD and DVD for experienced gamers, today therere more and more fans of casual download games in the game world. With the expansion of the gaming audience our company started developing simple casual games. Besides, we also let our players to try our brand across multiple platforms its planned to release games also for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. This way it becomes more popular, what is really advantageous for our partners. 
Were looking for distributors and publishers for this game and the future projects."
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