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Chukchas Birthday - on November, 29

Go there, doesnt know where... international wisdom of kwest-admirers says.

Our good old friend Chukcha - a hero of well-known Russian anecdotes - left in a long journey on an instigation of tribes Shaman.

 But dont think that we took together all anecdotes and jokes about Chukcha old mildewed anecdotes youll read elsewhere and the scenario of the game is original, full of sparkling humour, funny everyday situations and stereotypes.

Chukcha isnt so simple, as we knew. Yes - he is naive, not acquainted with modern world, technologies, values and culture and he is able only to pasture deer and to ski. But he is kind-hearted and had non-standard view so difficulties are child's play to him.

So left Chukcha his native North Chukotka and was unaware that in fates decree he will find himself in Moscow. And then...  And however if will play youll see everything yourself  ;)

Play with pleasure and Spirits of The Far North will help you!

Developer: AeroHills

Publisher: BUKA Entertainment 

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