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“Alice: English in Wonderland” game is on sale now

The Aerohills company announces, that the educative game for children “Alice: English in Wonderland” is on sale now.


Having a naughty child, prone to entertainment and amusement and very reluctant to studies? Not a single earthly power seems to be able to make him take an English textbook into his hands... That’s not necessarily! With the new edutaining game “Alice: English in Wonderland” he’ll learn English with great interest and enthusiasm together with Alice.


Created by the motives of the well-known and beloved story by Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”, the game is actually represented as a captivating trip across the fabulous Wonderland. Together with Alice the player’s going to visit many grotesque sights of the Fairy Land, encounter with its numerous inhabitants, learn and see many useful and interesting things.


The game can cater for different levels of knowledge of children, there are several difficulty levels available. Playing various mini-games and making enthralling tasks, children gradually get excellent base knowledge of English by learning the English alphabet, names of fruits and animals, our everyday object and other useful things. Senior kids will get acquainted with the word order in the sentence, word formation as well as obtain a good pronunciation basis. The game form will turn routine, boring studies into a thrilling adventure, animation and sound hints will help to cope with any tasks and the elaborate system of bonuses and awards will increase the motivation to studying.


Parents will be pleased to hear, that the game enables them to monitor child’s progress, so that you’ll always be able to see your child’s achievements and shift for the better!


Developer: AeroHills

Publisher: New Disk  

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