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Office Life - IPO

Do you ever want to know how do the rich are getting on?


 This game will give You a chance to take an active part in the life of a large corporation as the main hero of our game - Alexander, the son of millionaire and the owner of a large company.


The first problem you are confronted with, is a shortage of investments so you need to conduct the initial public offering (IPO). Your (Alexanders) father has committed to you, his old friend George, who will help you to understand the IPO process. At the same time the acting director, who wants to become a director, tries to make a fool out of you.


So if you have any financial questions it is possible to talk with an experienced, although a little bit outmoded, chief accountant. A System administrator is also able to raise not only the disappointed net but also your mood. Besides as our hero cant pass over two charming employees? And as a director you need to establish diplomatic relations with VIP clients (which will not be simple).


Whether will you become the respected director or you failed? Will you attract attention of wonderful employees or you will to give way to more decisive competitors? Will you establish diplomatic relations with VIP clients or not? All  depends only on you.

Welcome to Office Life - IPO


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