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Chukcha in Big City

At last our little Chukcha went in big trip... Oh, I beg your pardon, in big city. 

The Chukcha is a well-known hero from hundreds of the Russian anecdotes, and everybody loves him and his specific conduct. But dont just think that we put together all of the anecdotes and jokes about Chukcha for our game no, the scenario is original and rich with the indigenously Russian colour and surpasses the stereotypes of Russian capital life (with an unfaltering hand we took from the jokes just the Chukchas character and his lack of information in modern life)


Our Chukcha is an arduous frost-resistant, habitant of The Far North and the master of skiing (even on asphalt).


What else is necessary in tundra? -  you may well ask What quests can there be, if there is only snow and deer? . This is where the most interesting part begins!

  Brave Chukcha left on a journey at the instance of a Shaman and now not only the fate of tribe but also of all Chukotka depends on him. Chukcha searches for ways to save his native country, and reaches Moscow on his journey.


All would be good, but there is a nuance -  Habitants of The Far North (Chukotka) have not seen anything, except the North where they are from, and know nothing of the unfamiliar modern technologies, culture and laws. Chukcha is continually reminded, of the fate of his native land and important mission, and achieves the aim through the mixed up laws of megapolis and decides all tasks with some unusual and unfamiliar methods.


During the game Chukcha gets in hopeless and frightening situations which any normal man would fail, but gets escapes harm with brilliance and with full backpack.


The game is based on 3D technologies. All of elements of game are carefully drawn, 3D - characters have a mass of animations to give feeling to the vast world.


Chukcha in Big City contains a healthy amount of sarcasm and sparkling humor. It is an easy, pleasant and likable game which will help you to forget about your problems youll look at the outward things with smile and with the un-urbanized eyes and begin to think in a different way.


Simply go and spirits will show you the way - talked Shaman.



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