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Alice: English in Wonderland

A teaching game for children Alice: English in Wonderland is an entertaining journey to the fairytale. This is a kind game with illustrated lessons written in effervescent poems. It is based on the motives of the well known and beloved book Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. During this adventure Alice will visit some absolutely incredible places, which are inhabited by the amazing characters. She will visit a wonderful garden and meet its Flowers ensemble, she will look on the clouds and will share some unforgettable moments of her journey with the clouds inhabitants. In the mysterious castle she will become good friends with  sculptures that have come alive somehow, reflection of the knight in the mirror. After that Alice will be able to go through the doors which stand in the middle of the hall, will see the most sudden corners of Wonderland and will go even further that it could be expected. Persistent player will help Alice to rescue the fairytale characters from the different problems, will find some new good friends and will not even notice that he has learned many new English words during fifteen learning mini-games.

And parents will have opportunity to check childs knowledge by the marks got in mini-games and to look at the passed studying material.




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